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Plato als Dao-meester: boeiend boek van Peter Hubral en mijn vragen

Peter Hubral, Dao-Meister Platon, Giessen 2008

1. Interesting references to the experience of the author with the [very personal relation with his teacher from the] school of (Chinese) Taijixue and its world view (daoist based school for WUWEI as philosophical/ practical lifestyle combining the opposites in life with health and good life). Because this is a very personal experience there is no information about it, apart from the clear inspiration and insights the author received (including a complete view of man and world), which also led to point 2.
2. Very interesting reading and interpretation of the Presocratics, Plato (Socrates), and the Platonic traditions in the West (neoplatonism and many related currents) as more or less comparable school(s). Many well chosen citations and references!
Alas no references to the exact sources of citations of these writers/ texts.
3. The comparison of both East and West in this work seems very promising. My question is: in what way(s)?

I will be interested to hear (in German or in English or Dutch) from other readers of the book about this very interesting topic, their own experiences and perhaps more about the smart author Dr. Peter Hubral and his relatively unknown but to Dr. Hubral very inspiring teacher Fangfu (author of 17 books in Chinese, until yet not to be found translated).

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